New Pen Name

Quick update to everyone, something I will be reposting 2-3 times per week for at least a month. I am CHANGING MY AUTHOR PEN NAME! 

I will be rebranding myself due to some extensive googling and finding my current pen name, my actual name, and most pen name options related to my name as it is are related to porn, lesbian romance fiction, and/or is already a well-established author. 

I find this funny, and also upsetting. 

I will be making the switch over the next month to the new pen name of E. J. Lane Everything, up to and including the link to my website, will be changing. I expect the switch to be completed by the end of July and will be keeping this website URL alive for two weeks after the shift to the new site is completed. 

PLEASE share this post, and any subsequent posts related to my pen name change so the word spreads quickly. 


– E. J. Lane

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